Flagship Grand Opening

Celebrating the Grand Opening a few weeks back. Helping chantel run a company is fun, it’s tiring and often we have to give up going on the “vacation”... for a work trip. Where fun is still had, but business is still business. it hasn’t taken us anywhere exotic... yet. But we’ve seen some cool cities and met a lot of incredible people. I spend a lot of late nights thinking to myself where will this take us next or sometimes a darker version how long can we really do this, do we have what it takes to grow this thing that started in somebody’s basement apartment. Ultimately i don’t know what’s going to happen but Chantel lives and breathes it, it consumes her no doubt and with that I know she is capable of something bigger than where we are at now. So with that, here is to a few too many more late nights, a few too many dresses to paint and to just the right amount of good times. Thanks for the support for those who came out to this, those who couldn’t but wished they could. Also thanks to Leah Galloway and Madison Mansfield for being with us on the same adventure, couldn’t do it with out you two either. I mean that 100%.  

-Tyler Galloway

Photos courtesy of Chantel Marie Photography