Meet The Stockist | Caffeine Fix

From late night appointments to early morning alterations, the dress world can be pretty exhausting. Because of this, you can always count on at least three Starbucks drinks in the studio at all times at the Chantel Lauren Flagship Studio. Girls need some fuel to power through the day!

Our lovely Stockists work so hard and also have some pretty stellar caffeine fixes. We created a caffeine filled list of what gets our stockist through the day! 

Team Chantel Lauren

starbucks Pink drinks and berry hibiscus refreshers are a must in studio every day, all day.

Modern Bride- Guelph, Ontario Canada

Long days in the shop = 4-6 cups of Tetley Green Tea
Long days on the road or at weddings = Venti Green Tea Lemonade (half sweet - cause I'm sweet enough) 

Flamingo Boulevard- Liverpool, UK

At least one a day (sometimes even 3!) Eep! But hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to keep up with all these excited bride-to-be’s!

Velvet Bride-Missoula, MT

Cold Brew with vanilla sweet cream for my caffeine fix!

Pearl and Dot- Calgary, Alberta Canada

 If it is an extra long week a 'Bullet Proof' Coffee from Little Henry is a must! We can't say no to the 'Golden Milk' either

Ghost Orchid- Hessle, UK

Being a Yorkshire girl it's cups of tea all the way!

Chantilly Couture- Oklahoma City, OK

vanilla cokes and sour patch!!!

Everly Fine Bridal- Vancouver, BC

steeped tea double double from Tim Horton's... very Canadian ;) double double means two creams, two sugars if you were wondering!

Blanc de Blanc Bridal - Pittsburgh, PA

Our Caffeine Fix is our little Nespresso bar in our boutique. Espresso shots!

Keira Jean Bridal - Mornington, Australia

Coffee is not for me as much as an iced cold Coke-a-Cola!

Serendipity Bridal - Austin, tx

We are actually not caffeine people here at all... weird right? I will say though when we need a pick me up it's definitely Tiff Treats cookies