Meet the Stockist | Name Inspirations

A Name speaks volumes. It's more than just a title, it's can be an introduction to the moment you are about to experience. In the Bridal world, each shop wants to stand out. A perfect name can show brides what kind of gowns you will carry, what your boutique may look like inside, or how the staff will host appointments. 

This week for our Meet the Stockist series we wanted to give a little insight on how our fantastic stockists were inspired to choose the perfect name for there shop. 

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Chantel Lauren

Yes. That's my name, First and Middle. Since I was 6 years old I went by Chantel Lauren (my last name was Bartholomew and lets be honest no one wants to write that out 100 times a day during school). I chose to continue with it after I married Tyler for our Brand name as a reminder to always be true to myself and design gowns that reflect my personality and what I would  wear. 


Ghost Orchid - Hessle, UK

The Ghost Orchid is a rare mystifying wild flower that doesn't follow the ordinary rules of other flowers. We think that's pretty cool and because our brides are strong, individual, bad-ass women who aren't afraid to break a few bridal traditions, we feel our name represents all our magical Ghost Orchid Brides who do bridal fashion their own way. 

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Flamingo Boulevard - Liverpool, UK

Flamingo Boulevard comes from the exact spot i said 'I DO' to my amazing hubby... The Flamingo Hotel, Flamingo Boulevard, Las Vegas! We also have our own brick in the floor of the hotel garden so if you ever find yourself there look out for the 'Rice-Jones wedding - Las Vegas - April 1st, 2015'

The name made sense from the second the boutique was a thought. Obviously its my favourite place in the whole world and I also love that i can bring a little bit of my wedding to my brides. 

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Chantilly COuture - Oklahoma City, OK

I came up with “Chantilly Couture” because so many lace gowns are inspired by Chantilly Lace and  Couture  because I wanted every gown to feel like it was worth a million bucks, hand-made, and one of a kind. Also, for logo purposes I liked the double C and what I could do with it!


Grey Pearl - Las Vegas, NV

When I was searching for a name, I thought I wanted something that was a desert cactus flower--because of our location. But nothing was clicking! My mother handed me a book of roses that had belonged to my great grandmother (She was the president of the Rose Society here in Las Vegas) to flip through. 

And there it was, a hybrid tea rose--Grey Pearl. A rose that needs attention because it will bloom out of control, and its color changes depending on where it is growing. The creator of this rose once said "This rose is not everyone's cup of tea, but... When it is happy, it is mind bendingly beautiful." 

norde logo.jpeg

Norde Bridal - Ottawa, Canada

Our name represents our dedication to North American design as well as our own Canadian heritage and down-to-earth vibes. Nord De is” North Of” in French (one of Canada’s official languages). The moons in our logo are an ode to our 100% women owned and operated, small, independent businesses and our woman-power!

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Pearl and Dot - Calgary, Canada

"Pearl & Dot is a bridal boutique named after two of the most stylish, chic and fabulous ladies I know - My grandmothers Pearl & Dorothy!" When designing Pearl & Dot we had one thing in mind - The Bride! { Seems pretty simple, doesn't it! } We don't think a bride should have to give up her personal style on her wedding day, and our featured bridal collections are made for the contemporary woman who wants to incorporate some style and personality into her big day.

ivory and pearl.png

Ivory and Pearl - Comber, Northern Ireland

When it came to our name.. we were down to Kate Speers Couture and Ivory & Pearl, everyone around me had mixed opinions but I loved Ivory & Pearl, I especially loved the tag line.. "tie the knot in style" and our ampersand is designed with a knot! I would love to take credit for it, but we had amazing designers who did it for us called Slater Design from Dublin!


Velvet Bride - Missoula, MT

Velvet Bride was not only named after the smooth, sophisticated fabric but of course tying into our Montana roots, our name was also inspired by the delicate velvet that covers an antler during growth and weddings are definitely a season of growth in each brides life...hence our logo

emma and grace.jpeg

Emma and Grace - Denver, CO

Our shop name was actually inspired by a couple things! Emma & Grace is named after our owners daughters names. They were also chosen to represent a young and an older name to parallel with the fact that we sell wedding gowns and mother of the bride gowns.

keira jean.png

Keira Jean Bridal - Mornington, Aus

Keira Jean Bridal is my first name Keira and middle name Jean. Jean is my late grandmother. She was such an amazingly strong, independent & caring woman who i’ve always drawn inspiration from and wanted to be like!

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The MOdern BRide - Guelph, Canada

The inspiration for our name is really all about our bride! We have such a lack of contemporary shops in our area and we (and our brides) NEEDED something for the modern bride. So here we are. The answer to their call. "Finally, a boutique for The Modern Bride"