Kaila + Stu

Free spirited, unique and energetic are the words that come to mind when I think of our Chantel Lauren Bride Kaila! She creates beauty wherever she goes! As a designer herself, she was one of the firsts of our brides to come up with a personalization of her own gown. She loved the sexy vibes of Patricia and the fun, energetic uniqueness of Mae.  Together she made them into a stunning masterpiece.

What I loved most about Kaila is her love for life; she always has the most beautiful smile on her face and makes everyone feel loved and happy. We beyond thrilled that she will forever be a Chantel Lauren bride to us.


Shelby Hickenlooper photographed Kaila and Stu’s engagements and wedding day, what she had to say about Kaila is spot on! “ Kaila has such a contagious, original, and fun attitude and personality! She was so fun to work with because of how creative she is. Her wedding was unlike any other wedding we’ve ever photographed because it was so personal to her and Stu.  She wasn’t afraid to express herself, hence, the gorgeous Chantel Lauren gown she chose. It was absolutely perfect for her!”