Lifties Sticky Bra

Lifties Sticky Bra


Finally the perfect foundation for you wedding dress and beyond!

Foundations by Chantel Lauren was created specifically for the bride and her wedding dress. Don’t fear going backless or plunging neck lines with our Lifties Bra. You will feel relaxed, comfortable and supported without worry. Our Seamless Silicone cups will hold you secure while the lifting tabs keep the girls in place allowing your wedding dress to fit like a glove all day long. Wedding day to everyday, don’t let a bad bra get in the way.

*Recommended for size A - D Cup

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How to Use:

1) Start with clean, dry skin free of moisturizers, soaps, powders, deodorants, or perfume.

2) Remove protective plastic. Store and save protective plastic for reuse later. 

3) Begin applying the Lifties Bra at nipple, Raise the breast and place tape as desired for a perfect lift

4) Firmly press and hold to your skin for two seconds to enhance bust line.

5) Repeat on the other side.

Care & Composition:

• Reusable if cared for properly by hand washing with mild soap and water, air drying and

 preserving adhesive by applying original protective plastic

• 100% Silicone, 100% Medical grade adhesive


* This product contains hypo-allergenic materials, however, for some people, sensitivity may occur

* It is recommended to take a skin test or test this product for a short time before wearing for an extended period

* In the unlikely event of irritation, discontinue use & wash the affected area with clean water

* Not to be used on sensitive or sunburnt skin

* Do not wear overnight

*Do not use while Breastfeeding