A truly legendary brand
— Aimee Harel, Hello May Magazine

It all started with music, when Chantel + Tyler met at the age of 18. The couple would spend their time playing street music to earn tips to go on date nights. After they got married, in a tiny 500 Sq ft apartment designers Chantel + Tyler Galloway started dreaming of what is now Chantel Lauren. They keep the music alive in a different way through bridal wear. You won’t walk into their home, studio or hop into the car for a ride to grab a coke without the soundtrack to their latest collection humming in the background.

Every gown is handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah using the finest Silks and textiles sourced from all over the globe. Everything from the design process, the production and fulfillment takes place in our tiny white brick building in the Maven District of downtown.


Chantel Lauren really made it’s mark on the bridal industry when they launched their Mae Gown back in 2014. On a spring Sunday afternoon, Chantel asked Tyler to paint a gown for a fun art piece to feature on their Instagram page. Tyler had studied art early in life and Chantel thought lets combine our two worlds. He was hesitant but was reassured it was just for fun and wouldn’t need to be replicated. Well, luckily she was wrong. Mae is the brands #1 selling gown for 3 years running and can be found featured on the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Green Wedding Shoes and more as one of the best wedding gowns.

Hand-Painted one of a kind gowns are the brands leading ladies but the duo creates musically iconic gowns that get even the simplest to extravagant brides saying “Yes” at their bridal retailers all over the globe.

Pricing $1,200-$6,000 USD with most of our gowns falling between $1,900-$2,900

Website Photography by Tyson French